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Talk! with Audrey

May 26, 2019

 From inventing the implantable cardiac pacemaker to helping develop the brain-computer interface, with numerous advances in treating chronic disease, spinal cord injury, mental health, and countless other conditions and diseases, VA Research has been improving the lives of all generations of Veterans for more than nine...

Apr 6, 2019

This year, Californians faced a number of tragic events, many losing their homes to fire and flooding or experiencing other unexpected traumas. And for some, the emotional and psychological impacts of life-altering events could be difficult to overcome. Joining me with information about how families can recognize...

Feb 1, 2019

Nearly 100 million Americans experience chronic pain. Dr Corey Hunter, a pain management specialist at the Ainsworth Institute of Pain Management and his patient, Doug Rodd, a medically retired U.S. Army paratrooper join me to discuss DRG therapy, as a possible way to manage chronic pain. 

Mar 18, 2018

Alzheimers and dementia memory care is evolving. Loren Shook, Chairman and Co-Founder of Silverado, a senior living provider, discusses the latest ways memory care is delivered.

Nov 2, 2016

This week on TALK! with AUDREY: Dr. Judy Salerno is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Susan G. Komen®, responsible for the day-to-day operation of the organization and for setting Komen’s strategic vision.She joins me to talk about the progress against breast cancer, what research has taught us and where...