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Feb 6, 2020

Taking the SAT can be intimidating for students, but it doesn’t have to be. Priscilla Rodriguez, Vice President, College Readiness Assessments, The College Board tells us about the benefits of the taking the SAT and how the test can help students with applying to college.

May 26, 2019

Summer vacation for students is a time to enjoy the sun and recoup after 10 months of hard-work. While it is crucial to give our brains a break, research has found that over the summer students will experience 2 months of learning loss, the highest losses occurring in math and spelling. Joining me with tips to keep our...

Apr 6, 2019

The administration announced the President’s FY2020 budget proposal and it does not include federal funding for after school programs. If that happens, after school programs for more than 1.7 million students will be in jeopardy. My guests are Jodi Grant, Executive Director, Afterschool Alliance and Barry D....