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Feb 23, 2013

This week on TALK! with AUDREY: JAMES L. SWANSON is the Edgar Award winning author of the New York Times best seller Manhunt: The 12-Day Chase for Lincoln’s Killer. Swanson joins me on the show to talk about his book BLOODY CRIMES:The Chase for Jefferson Davis -and the- Death Pageant for Lincoln’s Corpse. It is the in depth and untold story of two fallen leaders and their final journeys, one vilified and marked for vengeance; one revered and mourned. In April 1865, as the Civil War drew to a close and the hunt for John Wilkes Booth transfixed the nation, two other men embarked on their own, dramatic, final journeys. Jefferson Davis, president of the Confederate States of America, was on the run, desperate to save his family, his country, and his dignity. The body of Abraham Lincoln, the recently assassinated president of the United States, was on a train bound for home, the grave, and everlasting glory.